Sports equipment restyling and redesign in Milan – Italy

Sports equipment must combine extreme practicality, sturdiness, reliability and technical design with style, highlighting the strengths of athletes, allowing them maximum performance, but above all safety, especially when it comes to products intended for extreme sector.
The design of accessories requires a consultancy service for sports equipment redesign, because style, also represented by graphics and choice of colors and technical design such as ergonomic analysis, industrialization and the selection of materials, now form a real integrated branch of engineering.

Sports equipment redesign in Milan

Products intended for sport require particular care in the design phase and for the selection of materials and solutions, precisely because they very often have to withstand intense stress and support the performance of athletes, guaranteeing them maximum safety both immediately and in the long term period and comfort of use. Our restyling of sports equipment office makes use of the collaboration of engineers and technicians specialized in multidisciplinary fields such as biomedical, materials and aesthetics-oriented design.

What is expected of the equipment intended for athletes, in fact, is not only practical performance, but also the ability to communicate safety and dynamism to them and to the public. Advanced research on materials, field tests and compliance with ergonomic parameters are the basis of a successful product, destined to be talked about in specialized environments and not only, because sports accessories also have their importance in the life of every day, especially for those who are trendy.
We take care for you to optimize your ideas and move from sketch level to beta testing products, with three-dimensional CAD modeling and advanced analysis, both numerical and instrumental, on flexibility, mechanical strength and impact resistance, before offering you a highly effective product engineered and ready for industrialization.

Restyling of sports equipment in italy: optimization of your ideas

The equipment intended for athletes is born on the field from the needs and advice of individual athletes, who increasingly need products designed exactly for their use and which push the signature sector far forward, making it one of the most important from the commercial point of view.
These are products that are customized to best adapt to the characteristics of the individual competitive athlete, providing however precious actions to then make certain characteristics a real standard and raise the level of performance, even of the new lines.
Our office that deals with sports equipment redesign offers you all the support to develop together with your technicians and athletes new functional features for accessories, but not only. In fact, we provide our creatives ready to transform the image and graphics of your products to make them even more interesting for the public.
Whether it’s starting from an idea and developing everything from scratch or engineering sports products and accessories at a high level in full compliance with the safety and ergonomics regulations in force in Europe, our staff is ready to accept your challenge and accompany you to your destination.
Not to be neglected the whole sector related to high-profile biometrics, with the possibility of designing and integrating wearable sensors to monitor performance and profile in an advanced way your products directly in use, or to guarantee all the biomedical feedback necessary for your athletes.

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