SWINNY - virtual personal trainer


Design and technical engineering of an interface made for monitoring the performance of a swimmer and planning routine exercises, directly from the edge of the swimming pool lane.

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Our competencies

  • Product design
  • Colors Materials Finishing
  • Product graphic
  • Product Engineering
  • Prototyping

The system

Developed by Tensa, the system consists of a tactile plate, placed at one end of a swimming pool lane, and a display, where the swimmer could find and review its performance and see the exercise to do.

If the plate gets pressed, light feedbacks notices the swimmer its pressure on it and the record of that passage.

In addition, the system includes a wearable ID, for each swimmer.


The design of this product has faced several project limitations, from technology to all the requirements that a product for a swimming pool must have.

The front panel of the monitor follows these limitations, with a round and smooth profile and a non-slip knob, pretty useful for the user.

The shape of the rear case (in red) has a truly iconic style. The fin-like profile recalls the inhabitant of the underwater world, connected to the imagery of the water.


The monitor is placed on a fixed base on the floor of the swimming pool, studied to avoid the collection and deposition of water (it could bring to bacterial proliferation).

From the monitor to the plate, the cables make their way inside the plastic cover, shaped with rounds and smooth to avoid accidentally hurtful impacts.

Furthermore, the monitor is studied to be easily detachable from the plate, to put it away when not needed or in case of maintenance.


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