Product industrialization consultancy in Italy

A product is born from an idea and is realized with physical realization, but in order to move from theory to practice, several steps are essential through which the final goal is reached. The first step involves a careful analysis of the initial idea, of the purpose to be achieved by creating a product that is adequate to market demand. Once this is done, the industrialization process is undertaken that leads to the production process and subsequent distribution and sale to the consumer.

From design to sale: product industrialization consultancy in italy

Product industrialization consultancy in Italy begins with the analysis of market needs, then moves on to the technical drawing and then, simulation, tests and all the necessary tests to ensure that the final product is ready for marketing. Speaking of industrialization we want to indicate an approach to design that does not exempt itself from taking into account the functional characteristics but also the context in which it will be used and the design.
This means that the industrialization process applied to the product is able to transform the need for a new accessory from a theoretical idea to a reality. All this can only take place through in-depth knowledge of the technologies applicable to this project and of the production process. It is also necessary to know what are the possible construction techniques by looking for the most suitable and convenient one.

The consultant is able to understand, first of all, if there is a real possibility of carrying out the project with the technology chosen for production, then deciding the best path. The design and industrialization of products therefore precede the actual production process. These are essential steps as they serve to highlight the cost of the product which also changes due to variables such as the construction technique, the materials used, the finish, the design and so on.

Main aspects of product industrialization

The changes made to the projects during the industrialization phase, when it is deemed necessary to do so, is less expensive than the total change of the product that has already been made or when this is in the production phase. Adequate product industrialization consultancy serves precisely to have a specialized guide right from the design stage.
The consultant also takes care of the associated investments to fully understand if a suitable level of automation has been activated to support the construction of the products. This must also be compared with the sales cost and the expected production volumes, in order to monitor the levels of product innovation that must be supported by a quality production capacity.

A good design creates a great product

The expectations to be met concern: quality, cost, service. So it is essential that we start from a perfect project to then obtain an optimal result and without any risk of error and economic losses. The technical drawing is the basis of any product and represents the starting point that allows you to put on paper the product that until then has only been thought of.

Functionality and design

The functional and aesthetic characteristics must be established already in this initial phase even if during the design development there may be changes or improvements. However, everything starts from the initial design and the creation of a prototype on which to carry out tests and tests, finding defects to be eliminated and merits to be enhanced. The first phase, therefore, requires a highly qualified professional intervention that leads to an excellent economic and image return for the company by creating innovative productions.

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