Functional prototype creation in Milan

The simplest and most direct way to evaluate a product, its mechanical functionality and design is the functional prototypes in Milan, which allow you to evaluate what the finished product will look like and eliminate any design or design defects before going into production.

Functional prototypes Tensa S.R.L.

At the end of the design of a product it is important to test all its functionalities, evaluate its quality at the design level and highlight any design or assembly problems of the finished product or of the individual components. Touching the finished product with your hand often allows you to realize some details that may seem insignificant during the design. However, making a first batch of finished products can be extremely expensive, especially if they highlight defects or imperfections that require further processing. The functional prototypes in Milan in this case can lead to a huge saving of both time and money and avoid investing in expensive equipment before being ready to start production. Tensa S.R.L. it deals, among other things, with the functional prototypes in Milan for a wide range of products. A prototype allows you to evaluate all aspects of the finished product, from design to operation through the mechanics and assembly of each individual component.

The benefits of creating functional 3D prototypes

The functional prototypes in Milan allows you to try and refine every aspect of a product, correcting any imperfections and making improvements and modifications that can only become evident with the object in hand. The advantages of this process are numerous: by making a prototype it is possible to go into production only once the product has been completely perfected, avoiding the creation of initial batches with defects or to which it is then necessary to make changes, with considerable savings in time and money for the company. Having a working prototype in hand allows you to easily realize the performance of each type of product, making the testing phase more agile. This allows you to invest the sums necessary for production only once the product has already been tested and approved in every component, avoiding delays and downtime during processing.

Functional prototypes for production and marketing

Functional prototypes can also be used to show customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders in general what the finished product will look like, in order to more easily arouse their interest in the product. Showing a working and complete prototype is certainly more interesting than any graph, projection or project. The creation of functional prototypes also allows the marketing section of the company to have a more precise idea of ​​what the strengths of a product are, in order to start the design of a more targeted and precise marketing campaign than could be done. based on a simple project. With the functional prototypes in Milan by Tensa S.R.L. it is possible to set all these processes in motion well before starting production and making a test batch of the product. This allows you to save time and money, avoiding the production of useless objects which will then be modified or modified. The start of production, with the necessary investment, is thus postponed to a later time, when the finished product has already been fully analyzed and tested.

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