SpyFly for Agrorobotica

For Agrorobotica, Tensa has engineered “SpyFly”, a revolutionary and innovative system for monitoring noxious insects, made for smart agriculture.

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Deltacalor Cubo Wi-Fi

For Deltacalor, Tensa has designed “Cubo Wi-Fi”, an electric radiator. (2015)

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Falcon3 PDA mobile holder for Datalogic

For Datalogic, Tensa has designed this mobile holder for Falcon3 PDA.
Made to be easily placed inside the dashboard of cars and trucks. (2005)

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Alfamation Flexmedia XM

Tensa has designed Flexmedia XM, a professional line product by Alfamation, winner of the Productronica Innovation Award 2021.

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Datalogic Cradle PDA by Tensa

Designed by Tensa for Datalogic, “Cradle PDA” is a personal digital assistant for professionals. (2009)

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Design: electric kettles for FUDAE

Tensa has designed these electric kettles for FUDAE. (2014)

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MiniFix Joint

Starting with the intuition of Dr Joil Ramazzotti, Tensa has designed a joint for the external fixation of hands and feet. Its peculiarity consists in reducing the lapse of time for motion rehabilitation of the limb.

Dial Medicali is the company that produces and sells this joint, placing it inside their “Minifix” products family line.

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Tensa for Biepi

For Biepi, Tensa has designed “Maya”, a hot chocolate machine. (2010)

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Tensa wishes to all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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