Our philosophy

More than Design, we manage Projects.

Our philosophy

From distinguishing the unique direction for products by professional market research to cost control for industrialization, we manage every steps of the product development.

Tensa studies Functional prototypes and product interfaces in Milan, Italy


Our Competencies are tools that we use to reach our purpose in efficient and sustainable way.


How we work

We believe in the project’s complexity,  in the interdependence of the various aspects that make the project, and we also believe in a moment of synthesis that led to a reorganization of complexity.



Tensa Industrial Design was established in January of 2005. Since 2020, Paolo Ramazzotti, as sole shareholder, manages the company giving continuity to the development of dedicated projects for companies in different fields.


Here in Tensa we believe that the process of design should be integrated. We foresee the path from macro-view which will lead us all the way down to finalize the product. We are always fully aware about sticking with the original idea, the feasibility and the cost control which are the main elements in our mind while developing projects.

Today with the collaboration and association of third parties and suppliers side by side, we are capable to offer services that are more integrating and complex: market and product positioning analyses, communication, virtual analysis (FEM, optical, etc.), creation of models and prototypes (for: presentation, verification, lab tests, etc.)



Via 4 Novembre, 92-Palazzo C1
20021 Bollate (Mi)


+39 02 3502419